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Success Stories

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Te Tairāwhiti - Collaboration
Gisborne District Council

In collaboration with DS Project Solutions, Roading Logistics entered a 2-year project with GDC to enhance and Develop Te Tairāwhiti Community through; Training, Innovation, Leadership, Knowledge Transfer, Ownership, Management, Transparency and Communication.

After meeting with Gisborne District Council a philosophy was developed by Roading Logistics to encompass the skills and knowledge required to return the Integrity, Ownership, and Management of the Local Authority Roading Network.

Our goal was an ambitious program, to make a positive difference, upskilling existing and new employees, and implementing a shift change in data delivery, while enriching people’s lives within a community, and returning the heart of that community to their council.

Our Journey was not to go in and consult to council for an unlimited time, but to bring back the mana of the council and enable them to pick up and carry on the work.

Our strategy was to Localise, Reduce and Resource. 

We began with hiring local, and developing their skills, to deliver the required outcomes. Reduce the cost of external contractors, consultants, and be more efficient and cost effective. Pull as many resources as possible back in house and enable the council to manage their network, overall.

We leave this project very proud of the Team in Tairāwhiti, self-sufficient, self-managing and producing great results for their communities.

Parisian Pavement


RoadPod VM Trial

In January of 2022 Roading Logistics set about trialling the advanced traffic technologies of Metrocount, with a long term site trial setup in Palmerston North, New Zealand, examining the effectiveness of the Roadpod VM within the New Zealand roading environment.   We selected two sites on the PNCC Roading Network, in order to compare it's use in a busy urban environment against other traffic technologies; including loops and tubes. 

The trial has far exceded our expectations as far as reliable realtime data, the ease of installation, data accuracy and added benefits of road temperature monitoring.

Working With the Best

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