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"It was an absolute pleasure

to work with a company so

organised, and that delivers 

such a seamless service 

   Pamela Brown- Wellington City Council 

Roading Asset Manager   


Asset Management Advice Services

Roading Logistics has over 80 years combined knowledge and experience, working with the various disciplines that make up best practice when it comes to understand and determining any Asset Management Plan.


We pride ourselves on taking a "Steward of the Network" approach to everything we do, ensuring that both your short and long term goals are always achieved.

Our consultation service can assist in the preparation and implementation of an Asset Management Plan.

We are experts in ensuring that your goals transpose to the field, through making the data collection process as efficient as possible. By using the latest techniques and cutting edge technology while at the same time keeping an eye on technology over spend.  

This service can also extend to "part delivery of your plan" if the AMP is established but there are challenges identified in terms of delivery all is not lost, we can assist in the best way forward to achieve your goals.

This is a consultation service where will come to you and live and breathe your business while mapping out the best way forward together.

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