"Reliable, flexible, honest

and delivers quality on time


and within budget 

   Neil Warby - PNCC 

Senior Asset Engineer - Transportation

Roadpod® VM

The RoadPod VM was designed to be the simplest and fastest traffic sensor to install on sealed roads or cycleways. Each RoadPod works in an array of units, which allows us to accurately count vehicles, monitor speeds and classify vehicle type based on the length of each passing vehicle. Gap and headway information is also available and all data is precisely timestamped. 

Each of our sensors captures time-stamped vehicle information independently, transmitting it to a central gateway which combines the information and securely sends the raw data to the Cloud. 

Our RoadPod's require no connection to external power. Each sensor is powered by a discreet, in-built solar panel and internal battery.  Likewise, the central gateway runs off solar energy.