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   Neil Warby - PNCC 

Senior Asset Engineer - Transportation

Traffic, Cycle and Pedestrian Counting Services

Data Collection

Understanding how your network operates begins with the collection of accurate traffic data.

Our proven industry experience and cutting-edge technology allows us to provide you with the data that matters most. We collect, collate and measure traffic data against a wide variety of metrics, allowing you greater insight into the traffic flow, speed, frequency and vehicle type currently using your network. 

Give us a call today and find out why Roading Logistics is unmatched in the field of data collection - we're sure you'll love the results. 



Our RoadPod loop and tube traffic counters accurately gather volume, class, speed and direction data from up to three lanes of a unidirectional carriageway.


Our Miovision Scout is a fully connected, industry-leading, portable video data collection device. It’s built for reliable, unattended field operation for days at a time.


Our RoadPod® VM magnetometers are small, unobtrusive and off-grid vehicle counters that provide us with real-time data on traffic movements.